Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Manuel Bolaño

Time to take a look at Barcelona-born Manuel Bolaños incredible artwork.

He has won several awards, and his collection, ‘Viudas’ (Widows) was shown at the Barcelona 080 Catwalk September 2008, where he has shown ever since.

Spring 2010 he showed another collection at 080, that i really liked. Great knitwear, great construction, and great ART.
He wrote a poem to describe that collection:

I remember a little bear.
A little teddy bear in camel colour.
A cold, gray winter morning in a trip to the “Castros Gallegos”.
My mother, dressed in wool and silk in pink, was holding my hand, and I wondered…
Why does everything has to be pink?

This season his collection at the Barcelona 080 had again, great success.

The collection is called "Algo de mi” (Something about me), and below you can admire the wonderful collection with some more complicated knitwear,crochet, and admire his skills for pattern-making.

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