Saturday, 29 December 2012


Sweater/, Leggings/Dagmar from Nordic Wardrobe, Necklace/Monki, Bracelets/Topshop, Platforms/Monki

My sick-outfit! Going to fight crime and my flu in town with this on today ;) Wool leggings are a MUST for me, so I don't get sick like once a month when -20degrees hits Scandinavia. Tonight I'm travelling to Finland for New Year's, do you guys have any plans yet? :)

Xmas Flu.

I've been in bed for the past two days, I caugth a terrible flu from my younger sister when she was here... Today I finally feel a bit better so I thought I'd go around town and get some fresh air and to see if I find something fun from the sales ;)

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Statement Necklace.

Necklace/Byphos, Beanie/Gina Tricot, Shirt/H&M,Pants/Gina Tricot

Today's look! In a couple of hours I'm heading to the trainstation to go celebrate Christmas and my mother in laws birthday! I'm still really full from yesterdays dinner and constant eating, but I guess I have looooads more of that coming my way today :D The statement necklace I have on is handmade by a really talented friend of mine, Mia. Check out more of her works here!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Time.

Boo the cutie.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Xmas! The last years I have been a bit anti-christmassy, since it has become such a commercial festivity in the past years. It shouldn't be about stress, money, buying presents etc, but about spending time with the family, having a loong dinner together with no hurry. I'm happy and I feel lucky I can spend time with my dear sisters and mum, and tomorrow I'll be with my boyfriends family. I dont need ANY material gifts as long as I have the people I love around me!

Peace out!

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Beanie/Vintage, Top/Acne, Leggings/Zara, Blazer/H&M

I just had to buy this electric blue blazer from the H&M Sale...It was calling my name!! It has a perfect, slim fit and padded shoulders wich even out the proportions of my small shoulders with the rest of my body. Love the colour too!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Late Night Shopping.

Leggings/Dagmar, Hoodie/BFs, Leather Jacket/Stine Goya,  Scarf/H&M

Pattern mixing and loooooads of goodies for our movie night last night :) we also found this cool green "The Joker" light at our neighbours!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Vote vote vote!

Please pretty please help me win the "Naughty or Nice?" contest by voting for my grungy look on Chictopia here!:)

Granny Coat.

 LOVE for pastels even in winter!

New Pre-Fall Favourite.


I had such a shitty start on my day today. I just wanted to stay in bed under the covers and not talk to anyone. And this find totally saved my day!!

I can't even pretend to ever have heard of a designer called Timo Weiland. But these three looks from his Pre-Fall 2013 collection I would buy in a heartbeat. (If I was rich and could afford them all that is). The musky, dark green and blue shades and material mix is to die for! The prints are amazing too. Wish I could dress like this every day! Definetely going to check up on this brand in the future!

All images from

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Past Looks.

Six of my latest looks! It's fun to see them all together like this, gives me ideas for what I'm going to wear today to be different from all the other days ;) Dressing up every day is like my own private creative outburst... I probably would go crazy without it :D

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Grunge Circus on

Pants/H&M, Shirt/DIY, Bracelets/Asos, Hat/Vintage, Shoes/Vagabond+DIY

Today's! Me in a nutshell: DIYed boots and top, DAD & MOM tattoos, red lipstick and bunch of crazyness. Fun to dress Kurt Cobainish one day and Lady Gaga styled the next isn't it?? :)

The bangles from Topshop came in an onepack and I love how they are elastic so they fit even my teeny-tiny wrists! Maybe there's an idea there for a DIY-bracelet aswell....

DIY Sleeveless Shirt.

I have this checked shirt in my closet that I had bought for really cheap somewhere and I have only used it once, but it is sooo soft and comfy I wanted to alternate it a bit and make it more interesting so I could use it more.

This 5-minute DIY works perfectly on any type of shirt that is cotton and not stretchy (if it has nylon or spandex in it the ripping will not end up like this.

I cut off the sleeves with scissors, and carefully started pulling out the threads. Depending on what kind of end result you want (clean or more grungy) you can decide if you want to pull out the threads or if you want to leave the sleeve like it is after being cut.

I added some golden studs to it and voilá! Ready. I'll post a whole outfit with the shirt later on today!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Shredded Jeans.

 I've been looking for the perfect pair of jeans to buy and then DIY Shred: The fabric can't be too stretchy so it doesn't look slouchy after the cuts, but it needs to fit well!
 I think I'll use my old Levi's for a tryout...

Strawberry Lime.

Top/ACNE, Trackpants/H&M, Bracelet/Glitter, Flowers/H&M, Shoes/Skopunkten

Today's outfit and details! It's nice to be able to dress up in a summery energetic way even though it's -1c°, since this angora sweater is soooo warm! It brightens up the dark days :)

Monday, 17 December 2012


Sweater/Acne, Shorts/Levis Vintage

Got woken up (at 8.30!) with breakfast in bed and a present :) I got this lime green angora Acne sweater I've been drooling over I feel so lucky now!
I am as I said yesterday officially a quarter of a century old :D gosh I still feel like 21!! But as my wise father said today: We don't stop playing cus we get old, but we get old because we stop playing. :) So I'm going to keep playing and being silly!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Rose Collar.

Lately I've been seeing the rose and flower headpieces all over the place, that inspired me to do something a bit different with this hairclip I had in my accessory box. A bit waitressy-ish maybe, but I like it! :)Tomorrow is my birthday btw, I'm officially going to be a quarter of a century... I feel so old! :D

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sequin Winter.

Coat/Topshop, Pants/Second Hand, Sweater/Carlings, Beanie/H&M

Todays look! Now I have to clean the house since Emily is coming tomorrow, and then straight to be cus tomorrow I'm working for a Levi's Jeans campaign in Stockholm, fun! :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Casual Punk.

I finally got these asos trackpants in the mail, I've been waiting for them for forever since I knew they would be perfect for the Scandinavian winter weather! It's getting colder and colder and darker here, and since this is the first winter for me back home in a looong time I guess I'm more used to the Italian and Spanich type winter. Brrrrrr!



Whole look coming up a bit later :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sick in Stockholm.


Just came back to Stockholm today after celebrating at one of my best friends bachlorette party! I'm a bit sick, the gastritis has hit me again. My chest burns like hell and it sucks ASS! Means no coffee for a week. :( Tomorrow I'm getting out of bed and going hunting for the last presents with Laura, I'm only missing two! So nice I'm getting it all done and don't have to stress about them two days before Xmas eve! Have you guys done your shopping already? :)

Sunday, 9 December 2012


My beautiful dear friend Anna is getting married In January!! Last night we celebrated all together at the bachelorette party! Love You my friend!

Our dear bride to be Anna! 

Larla, me and Laura.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Pink Shades.

Sweater/H&M, Shirt/Vila, Jeans/Gina Tricot, Platforms/Monki

Pink all the way to my hair today!

Instagram it.

Some of this weeks instagrams:
1)My Movember Contribution, 2)AMAZING Lentil-based dinner, 3)Me and Laura on friday night
4)Traditional Scandinavian Xmas drink(Glögg), 5)My Pic for the competition, vote HERE :)
6)Snowy hair

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Tights/Stradivarius, Tee/One Teaspoon, Hat/Vintage, Shoes/Monki

Today has been one of those days... There's a snowstorm outside, and I just want to stay inside and watch tvshows and drink tea!! (In my new One Teaspoon tshirt ofcourse ;) )
Any good tips on shows I should watch? Just finished True Blood and I need something to occupy my gray days! 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Winter Coat.

Coat/Weekday, Hat/H&M, Bag/H&M, Jeans/Second Hand, Shoes/Vagabond
(p.s Ignore my face, it was early, -9c cold and I was so tired :D )

I wanted to show you guys this down-jacket I recently got from Weekday from a huuuge sale. It is slightly too big for me and very thick so it's not the most flattering one, but definetely the softest, most comfortable and warm jacket I have ever had! Feels like you're wrapped up in a big cozy blanket.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Morning in Acne Top.

Pics from this morning. Top/Acne.

We decided with Laura to highlight our hair the other night!
It's a lot blonder and fresher now after 3 whole years of not doing anything with my hair. I'm also starting to get used to my face without no mascara and only eyeliner, it gives a much more edgy look than mascara does I think!
Here I havent done anything with my eyebrows, usually I colour them with an eyebrow-pencil every day since they are sooooo light! Maybe I should bleach the completely?

Stay In Line.

Beanie/Boyfriends, Top/H&M, Jeggings/Second Hand, Maxi Lace Vest/One Teaspoon, Shoes/Vagabond

Can't winter be over already so I can wear my new maxi vest with shorts?!

Xmas gifts!

Christmas is closing up once again! Here are some ideas for mixed presents,
Printed Sweaters from Smooooth Clothing
Flasks and more from
Leather Travelbag from Topshop
and girls:
Laptop Case from asos
Gorjana Bracelet from asos
Underwear and MORE from Madewell
Earrings and Fashion from Nordic Wardrobe

Sunday, 2 December 2012


Heaven!! From left: 

Silk Dress/Acne 200kr≈24€ (original price 340€)
 Baseball Tee/One Teaspoon 100kr≈12€ (was 65€!!)
Printed Wifebeater/Acne 50kr≈6€
Maxi Lace Vest/One Teaspoon 200kr≈24€ (was 120€)
Striped Longsleeve/Whyred 50kr≈6€
Earrings/H&M 25kr≈3€

SUCH bargains I can't believe it!! Something chic, something casual. The silk dress from Acne is stunning, it has blue fabric buttons going all the way down in the back. And I have been looking for a long for a maxi-length nightgown-ish vest for sooo long, this black one from One Teaspoon is absolutely perfect!! I've also been looking for some nice printed tees, but I really didn't want to get one from Zara or H&M since those prints are always seen everywhere.. So glad I found these ones instead!


Denim Shirt/Mango, Pants/H&M, Bracelets/Vintage and a golden belt, Bag/Mango, Shoes/Vagabond, Hat/H&M

This is my look for the Mango streetstyle contest! :) I like the colour combo of burgundy and denim... especially this nice, bleached but baby blue denim shade! Today I was a good girl and woke up early to go to a second hand sundaymarket with Laura, and you'll neeeeever guess the beauties that I found!! Two Acne pieces for bargain prices. Later today I'll show you what I got + the outlet things from yesterday! Yaay!