Thursday, 28 February 2013

5-minute Chain Hairdos.

Style 1: Ballerina-Queen. 


Style 2: Messy Chain-Bun.

Please ignore my HUGE forhead ;) 

I DIYed this chain hairdo already at Stockholm Fashion Week, but I didn't manage to snap a picture back then so I thought I'd share it now! Originally, I had attached three different size gold chain to haircombs, but since my hair is so typically scandinavian and very thin, on my hair the chain-hairdo works better with the chains attached to normal bobbypins. This way you can also use the chains with much more variety. So easy, so cheap- so chic!

Olin ajatellut jo Tukholman Muotiviikolla näyttää tämän super-helpon ketjukampauksen, mutta en ehtinyt silloin napata siitä kuvaa! Alkuperäisessä DIY-Ketjukorussa olin kiinnittänyt ketjut hiuskampoihin, mutta ne näkyivät aivan liikaa ohuen tukkani alta. Pinneihin kiinnitetyt ketjut sopivat ainakin minun hiuksille paljon paremmin, ja niitä voi näin myös vaihdella ja käyttää monella eri tapaa! Tosi helppoa, halpaa, ja piristää ihmeellisesti arkilookkeja :) 

(p.s yrittäkää olla huomioimatta mun jäätävän kokoista otsaa :D )

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Street Safari.

 Dress/, Tights/Gina Tricot, Wedges/Urban Outfitters, Leather Jacket/Boyfriends Closet

A darker look today to contrast the girly lime skirt from Chicnova! I feel I have only 1/1000 of my wardrobe right now, since I was only able to bring a 20kg suitcase to Japan... Sucks! :( That's why I have to improvise and grab stuff from my boyfriends closet aswell!

Fortunately, I'm waiting for 4 packages filled with goodies to arrive here! Can't wait!Now I'm off to work, xx!

Noniin.... olen saanut niin paljon hämmästeleviä kommentteja alkuperästäni, eli siis KYLLÄ, olen suomalainen :D And proud of it! Ajattelin kokeilla kirjoittaa näitä postauksia myös suomeksi, vaikka täällä Tokiossa tuntuukin siltä että en osaa puhua enää mitään kieltä täydellisesti kun pää on niin sekaisin koko ajan :) Sain siis vaan ottaa mukaan 20kilon matkalaukun tänne, tuntuu että mulla on vain 1/1000 mun vaatteista käytössä, nyyh! Niin vaikeaa keksiä hauskoja lookkeja täällä kun ei ole kuin yksi tylsä kokopitkä musta talvitakki mukana :( Onneksi mulle on tulossa pari pakettia minä päivänä tahansa, m.m yks cooleimmista takeista jota olen aikoihin nähnyt!! En malta odottaa! Nyt painun töihin, pus!

Monday, 25 February 2013

No more Michael Jackson

Coat/Benetton, Pants/Gina Tricot, Shoes/Hong Kong, Stockings/H&M, Glasses/Forver21, Necklace/Stine Goya, Bag/Mango, Tshirt/Lager157, Belt/

A bit Michael Jackson inspired today, don't you think? I saw his live-concert when I was 11, I'll never forget that night! My parents took me and my sister there and it was mindblowing!! He was such a great entertainer. Off to work in a while, more look-updates tomorrow! XX

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fashion Week FW13 Favourites

Made a little selection of my F/W13 Fashion Week Favourites from London, Milan and New York so far. Feel so inspired, I think I'm going to use these images as inspiration already now, it's perfect for the cold Tokyo weather!

Oh Oh OH how I love Phillip Lims casual chic laid-back looks! I would do anything to get my hands on that Phillip Lim coat and sport it next fall. Army green leather combined with white and grey is also a winner!
Prabal Gurung managed to make a very feminine version of the army trend, I haven't really liked the peplum trend this season but seen it like that, in a heavy olive green fabric makes me want to dress like that too!

WOW! Very unlike Paul Smith I think, but so great! The Pant-Suit trend is going to be big this summer, and I like how he took that concept and made it more oversized and casual.  And as in the Dagmar show, Paul Smith also makes me crave for that deep, intense violet. 
Note to self: Get Pink or red suit. NOW.

The Blumarine coats were great this season! In cold Tokyo right now I just want to wrap myself up in one of those fluffy, soft, warm jackets. The La La Berlin boots also caught my attention, so great! I can smell a DIY-option for them...

Glad to see prints are continuing into next season. I think it's more fun when fashion isn't too dark and serious ;) Definately going to use that matching turtleneck-sweater thing next season, and I would love a La La Berlin like print pattern coat to cheer up everyday dressing! A piece like that gives any kind of outfit a kick.
Roberto Cavalli also surprised me, I usually don't fall for that over-the-top-italian-glam fashion, but seen it like this in only black and white with different patterns, materials, textures and sparkles, it could be optimized and made into a bit more casual, cool look.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Instagram It.

1)Crepes in Harajuku 2)Original subway staircase 3)Pink Beanie! 4)The boys Sightseeing in HK 5)Pimped apples in HK 6)Hong Kong night view from the Peak

It's crazy how fast the days go by in Tokyo, I feel I don't have any spare time at all! Is it like this in all major cities?New York maybe? Just going from one place to another seems to take ages and three different trains to get there... Well this is what I've been up to lately anyway. Some snaps from Hong Kong and the three first ones are from Tokyo! I'll post some pics later from Harajuku, I'm in love with the shopping there! Especially the vintage shopping, it's amazing!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tokyo Living.

Coat/Benetton, Beanie/Tokyo brand, Denim Shirt/Mango, Necklace/Forever21, Shoes/Vagabond, Leggings/Zara

WOW!!!! Is Tokyo summed up in one word. It's impossible to describe this city, I've been here for five days now and it seems I haven't had time for anything! Between looking for a flat, considering jobs, and getting to know this hectic city it has been a wild ride, and it doesn't look like it's slowing down soon.

So far so good, got a meeting with a big Marketing PR company for modelling!! Me! I couldn't believe it. So fingers crossed! :)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Dinners and Late Nights.

                           Reunited!Celebrating Joyes birthday with mexican food and drinks!

It's been great to be reunited for a week here in HK with one of my best friends, Joey. But tomorrow earlyand bright we are leaving Hong Kong for Tokyo! The plan is to live there and find a fashion-related job, learn about the culture and the language, and well, just live a little!:)

Any readers in Japan? Got any advice for me? :)

These last days here have been fantastic, loads of great food and drinks, enjoyed with the best company!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Navy Babe.

Pants/H&M Trend, Shirt/Whyred, Bag,Sunnies and Shoes/Marketfounds, Rings/Asos

BOOM! Photo explosion today!! It was such a beautiful and warm day and we really took it easy and chilled so we had time to play around with the camera! Only two days left in Hong Kong and then Tokyo awaits!!

What do you think of my bargain founds from the local ladies market? Alexander Mcqueen inspired skull clutch, studded slippers and big round sunglasses!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Downtown Hong Kong.

Silk shirt/Zara, Hat/Vintage, Shoes/Vagabond, Skirt/Romwe,Bag/Mango

Today we've been to the Mongkok area, that has markets, thousands of shops and Sneakers Street, a street as the name reveals: filled with sneaker stores! The streets we're crazy crowded and we still managed to snap a picture of what I wore today, as you can see it didn't pass unnoticed though haha! Four years of blogging and I still get really embarrassed when taking pictures but hell, I'll never see these people again! ;) Loving this city so much, everyone should definately visit Hong Kong if you get the chance! Now we're going for a seafood dinner! YUM!
My boys touristing!

  Crazy umbrellas? I'm kind of tempted to try if they would pass through the security check at the airport!

Good Night

Good night from Hong Kong!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

& Other Stories

OH MY GOD!!! Biggest coolest thing since sliced bread!

H&M is launching a new store: & Other Stories. They have teamed up Acne Shoe designer Nicole Wilson and Whyred designer Behnaz Aram for this "quality for a great price" brand.

I am absolutely in love and eagerly waiting to spend money on these fantastic innovative designs. They will open 7 stores in seven LUCKY European cities, plus online shops in 10 countries aswell.

Be my Valentine?

Me and Laura decided to take part in the Valentines Day competition!
The task was to match eachothers Valentines Day looks. We made the DIY flower headbands to be super girly for one day! Vote for us! :)

p.s the hearts count!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hello from Hong Kong!

Looooooving Hong Kong so far! Not as jetlagged as I thought I would be, and the weather is amazing! This is what I wore today, more updates and pics tomorrow I promise.

Saturday, 9 February 2013


This is it..... We are finally leaving!!! Tonight we are driving from Turku to Helsinki, from where we will fly via Milano to Hong Kong! There we will stay for a week with good friends, celebrate a birthday and hopefully get to see some of the Chinese New Year!
Then.. We are moving to Tokyooooooooo!! I'm so happy and so looking forward to new challenges, adventures, hell, even problems we might run into!

I will be traveling for the next day, so I'll update you when I arrive in HK! Woop Woop!!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Fairytale wedding!

Finally some pictures from my dear friend Anna's wedding! When I have fun: I totally forget about the camera. So therefore my camera was quite empty, if you don't count the couple of pics my boyfriend took :D What's most important is that the bride was amazingly beautiful, as you can see here! And that we danced until late in the morning!