Thursday, 7 June 2012

DIY Studded shoes

These DIY studded shoes are so easy to make, just takes a little bit of patience and time.
I decided I wanted a sporty shoe for this DIY, also the fabric of the shoe was soft enough to facilitate the making of the holes.

First just take a white pen (i used a make-up pencil), and mark where you want the studs. Take in consideration how big the stud is, depending on how close to eachother you want the studs.

Make a hole either with the machine you use for adding holes to leather belts, 
or a nail, and attach the studs. Voilá!

Monday, 4 June 2012

DIY Thread Belt

I saw a picture of this DIY somewhere on the internet (I'm sorry I can't remember what site I found it on!) and it's a great way to pimp up an old belt! I'm a big fan of recycling, and I love that I be excited about wearing something old I haven't worn for ages.

All you need for this easy DIY is cotton thread, an old belt, and some glue to attach the thread at the beginning and the end.
Start by making a double knot with the thread, then carefully twist the thread around the belt (leave the ends of the thread on the backside, so when you twist the thread it covers everything). You can do the whole belt in one colour or change like i did.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

stay home?

I'm back home in Finland for a couple of days, today my sister graduated and I was really looking forward to going out tonight!

...But after being a hostess helping at my sisters party for the whole day checking everyone was having fun, I'm now curled up under blankets with food and a glass of spumante doing some DIY-stuff haha! Let's see if someone manages to convince me to go out in the rain from this wonderfullness.

Congratulations dear sis!

My dear little sister graduated today<3 so PROUD!!