Tuesday, 28 February 2012

So casual on lookbook.nu

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

BoomCase Love

Perfection! What can be better than stylish design and innovation combined with the recycling of materials?
These ultra-cool BoomCases are portable, self powered and can be connected directly to your iPod/iPhone! Cool AND sustainable!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Vibe Harsloef

AMAZING accessories by Vibe Harsloef at the Wackerhaus show at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Find more accessories from Vibe Harsloef here

And check out her website here

(Almost) no makeup

It might be because of my scandinavian almost blonde lashes, but I've always seen dark, long lashes as perfection in beauty. That's why my mascara is my best friend, and even though I never wear foundation or powder I always thought I would never, ever go anywhere without mascara.
Well turns out everything get's boring after a while!

I love the trend of being boyish "without" any make-up, meaning making it as invicible as possible, and embracing the androgynous look.

Basicly, the important thing is to concentrate on the skin and eyebrows. I used only bronzer on the cheeks and eyelids to create shadows, and darkened my eyebrows with and eyebrow pencil. Some natural white eyeshadow in the corner of the eye and voil√°! No mascara needed for this girls will be boys look.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cravings: Laptop Backpack

Absolutely in LOVE with this cool quilted laptop backpack from Ordning&Reda.. It´s stylish and it saves you the backpain of carrying a heavy laptop around all day on only one shoulder.

My CPH Fashion Week Looks

Three of my Copenhagen Fashionweek looks! (all very different styles I know, my mood was changing every day)
It was freeeeezing but the shows were great (We saw about 20 of them in 4 days) and I´m glad to say yet again that Henrik Vibskov never ceases to impress me! I had a wonderful time with my friend and businesspartner Emily, the week was filled with sun, loads of laughs, well-dressed people and drinks! Oh, and we also met Spike Lee at the Stockholm Fashion Week!Goodness!

photo from http://stylegallery.com
Maxi-Cardigan Second Hand, Leather Jacket Stine Goya, Beanie H&M, Shoes Vagabond

Hat H&M, Jacket TopShop, Sweater Mom´s 80´s Closet, Shoes Vagabond

photo by Yvan Rodic (facehunter.blogspot.com)
T-Shirt Vibe Johansson, Leather Jacket Stine Goya, Leggings Barbara í Gongini