Monday, 29 October 2012

New In: Studded Cap.


FINALLY got this cap in the mail from today!! Likelikelike that it fits my minuscular head too, I was a bit afraid that it would look huge on me! We've been out secondhand shopping today with Julie, I brought home a jacket, some sparkling pants, a checked Dries Van Noten-ish skirt, a necklace and a XXL-sized big furry white knitted sweater! Pics of them tomorrow, now dinner

New In: Belts.

I got belt-crazy one day and ordered these from! The metal one goes SO well with everything from tops to chunky knits, I made some extra holes to it so I can wear it tigther with light garments, and a bit wider with my boyfriends huge sweaters :) The panther-belt I haven't had time to wear yet, maybe tonight when we go out for a "monday-glass of wine"!

Do you have a favourite of these two?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


My hair the other day! Two braids and a bun in the back. Sorry for the bad pics I keep posting! :D I'll try to get a better one next time I make this hairdo!


Today has been the BEST mail-day ever!!! I got the result of what i've been working on for almost two months... The exclusive customer magazine for a new shopping center in Kuopio!! I've been working on every single fashion or design-related article in the whole magazine,including the planning and styling for the cover and the main-editorial.

It's been sweaty and teary and HECTIC at times, hunting down the right contacts at every fashion brand that will be opening in the mall, asking for product pictures, spending hours trying to pull things together since everyone always delievers in a different time, but FINALLY it's all paid off and I have the result in my hand!!
Even if the goal here was to create something more mainstream that works for a larger  target group than high fashion does, (and what my personal taste and style is), I can't tell you when I've felt this satisfied last time :) so so happy!

The main editorial was about the holiday season's IT partywear. It was shot by super talented Rikard Lilja. Makeup by the sweetest Madeleine Oxalaryd. Model Polina/Nouveau Models. Best assistants ever Martin and Laura!  ♥

Today's instagram detail.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Shopping Spree with me!

Now this is all in finnish I know, and unfortunately this contest is for Finns only :( 

Suomalaisille siis: Jos haluatte voittaa henkilökohtaisen opastuksen shoppailukierroksella kanssani Kuopion Matkus Shopping Centerin avajaisissa, käykää täällä osallistumassa viimeistään 27.10! Saatte läjän lahjakortteja käytettäväksi kauppoihin woop woop ;) En malta odottaa! Laittakaa mielellään myös tänne viestiä jos aiotte osallistua kilpailuun, olen tooooosi utelias! :)


Sorry for all the shitty instagram photos, I'm running around doing errands and meeting friends so taking good photos is like the last thing on my mind right now :) Here I'm wearing a skirt I just finished knitting! More close-ups on that one later, now I need FOOD!

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Inspiration: Flapper Hair

I've always wanted to try this hairstyle! I can imagine it with my worn-out boyfriend jeans and a white tee to create that lovely contrast between elegant and casual... and it doesn't look too hard to do either! :) I'll post the result as soon as I try it!

Quick flick

Me on the boat from Sweden to Finland.

I'm back home in Finland again for a while, tonight I went to see the legendary musical HAIR with my mom, and tomorrow I'm longing for some creative time in my very messy studio-ish room full of fabrics, buttons, ribbons, pearls, studs etc...

Pearl DIY.

Pic: The Sartorialist

I came by these shoes when I was browsing streetstyle on The Sartorialist, and I think they are very easy to DIY! Just glue pearls to shoes, shoulders on a blazer, a bag, anything... pearls are so in right now, so it's a cool way to pimp up some old boring stuff you can fins in your closet!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Black Mamba.

Hat/Vintage, Furry Sweater/Vintage, Jeans/Gina Tricot, Shoes/Skopunkten

It's grey and cloudy in Stockholm today, this weather can really bring you down sometimes. Thank good I have something fun to look forward to tonight, we're going to a Nudie Jeans Organic party first and then to a WESC party afterwards! I'm gonna wear a lot of colours to blind me from the shitty weather!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Past looks

Some of my most recent looks! This is a good way to remember a good look for another day...
Got a favourite?

Obsession: Cross Stitch

I am currently obsessed with cross stitching. That slightly ugly, granny-like old stitching just seems so... so cool to me right now! Just have a look at these Alexander McQueen men's cross stitched loafers! So amazing! You can basicly cross stitch any picture, as long as you draw it first you'll get it nice and clean. I can smell a DIY coming up...

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

DIY Metal Belt

This aluminium belt was so easy to make! I just asked the boys at a hardware shop to cut me a piece with the measurments i needed, and then i bent it to fit my waist! Super easy, and i love how minimalistic it is and how well it goes with everything in my closet.

Sweater/BF's closet, Belt/DIY, Shirt/H&M, Shopper/Dagmar, Jacket/BikBok, Sunnies/H&M, Shoes, Vagabond

Good morning.

Porridge with frozen raspberries

After suffering a series of different health issues I've started a habit to have a steady and healthy breakfast, every day. My current lifestyle is so hectic that if I don't take care of my body it won't keep up with everything I do. And I will be needing my body to keep up for a long time. So now it's breakfast in bed!

Gentle mis-match

I'm so inspired by these H&M photos! The gentle mis-matching of two different shades of green or pink or blue is so wonderful! It's so boring to match two things in an outfit with the exact same colour, the slight colour tone change makes it so much more exciting! Definetely going to take this with me in winter.

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Details from an outfit this week:Jeans/H&M, Sweater/Nina Jarebrink of Sweden, Shirt/Boyfriend's Closet, Cap/H&M

Ever since Laura showed me how to do these wavy curls I've been doing them like once a week! They make boyish, really casual outfits like this one much more exciting and fun! Don't you think?

what to wear?

Tomorrow night we´re attending the premiere of a new swedish movie my boyfriend did the official photography for. It's so nice to see your loved ones work in advertisements all over Sweden! :)

Anyway, it's going to be first the movie, then a nice after-party with drinks and food! I'm still clueless about what to wear, it shouldn't be to overdressed since it's not a gala, but not too underdressed either...
I have an issue with looking very elegant (or more elegant than others at least that would be a nightmare), and I really should try to get over it! I just feel it's nicer to get looks from people when you look edgy or very different, instead of elegant..that's just not who i am! Anyone ever felt the same?

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Denim x2 on

Denim Shirt/Boyfriend's Closet, Jeans/Levi's Curve ID, Glasses/H&M, Boots/Skopunkten

New In: Winter Flowers

Flower sleeveless shirt/Monki 

I'm not really ever a flower girl, even in summer, but somehow the idea of wearing them in winter inspires me more. These colours are so wonderfully cold and icy too! I think even just a glimpse of the collar showing underneath a thick white knitted sweater will look great!

MMM For H&M First lookbook!

THOSE COATS!!!  How have we ever managed wthout them? Finally a preview of MMM's collabo with H&M is out. I am definetely going to wait to buy a winter coat until November the 15th, see you in line at H&M? 

Costume Finland

Good morning

I had a nice wake-up seeing that they featured me in the streetstyle section in Costume Finland! Representing my little city! I'm happy because Costume is most definately the first and ONLY Finnish REAL fashion magazine. So on top with trends and stuff!

My heading says: "As delicious as berry-sorbet!"  so sweet!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Streetstyle Inspiration: Knit Mix

Sweater/Gina Tricot, Skirt/BikBok, Tights/H&M

I love the mixture of knits that blogger Hedvig Opshaug is wearing! I would pair some knitted tights to this look aswell to make it extra exagerated! 
 Photo from Refinery29

Interior DIY-ladder

I got inspired to do this DIY-ladder by the amazing Ivana Carpio from Love Aesthetics. She blogged about a Tripod Coat Rack that was made of aluminium pipes some time ago, and so this is my own version of a DIY-clothing rack. Minimalistic and fun, and it gives such a comfy yet fashionable "home-feeling" in our new appartament. The best part is: It takes only about five minutes to do!

Only thing you need is aluminium pipes, a metal-saw (or you can cut them at the hardware store) and some ribbon or tape. I left the edges of the ribbon uncut and hanging, so it wouldn't look too perfect. Imperfection is perfection! What do you think?

Plaids and Curls on

Beanie/Boyfriend's closet, Suede Jacket/Lager157, Checked Shirt/Boyfriend's Closet, Ballerina skirt/H&M, Shoes/Vagabond

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Prima ballerina on

Suede jacket/Lager157, Angora Sweater/Vintage, Skirt/H&M, Stockings/really old ones, Shoes/Vagabond

So...this is me going harware-shopping! I want to finish an interior design DIY-project for our new flat tonight, I hate to see things unfinished!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Mint on

Sweater/H&M, Pants/H&M Trend, Platforms/Monki

New In.

We went to outlet Lager157 on saturday, and for once I did some very reasonable shopping! This leather suede bikerjacket and two incredibly soft, slouchy basic tees came home with me.

Long Bob.

When I was living in Barcelona, I modelled for different hair-product brands such as Wella and L'oreal. After two years and a LOT of different hairstyles I got so tired of people deciding about my hair I started saying no to jobs and just letting it grow. No colours, no cuts, I just let it grow. Now, 2 years later, the only time I coloured my hair was when I made it super red, and then let it slowly faint into a straberry blonde and then back to my orginal colour. It's so long now, and I'm SO sick of it.

Thus, time for a change! I fell in love with these two girls I found randomly on the internet, so I might be going towards a long bob with my hair aswell. I just need to figure out something extra to it, like a nice colour or something special, to not make it so classic. The "Outgrown red" is just gorgeous!

Friday, 5 October 2012


       Sweater/Vintage, Belt/H&M, Skirt/Vintage

New Home.

This is the most energy I have for sharing today. We got settled in, ran around town the whole day, went to Ikea, Designtorget and my favourite; Granit (Swedish interior design stores). In Granit almost everything they sell is black and/or made out of metal, and paired with a newly painted white appartament it's just the result I want. More tomorrow promise! Sleep tight!