Friday, 30 November 2012

This and That.

Skirt/, Sweater/Vintage, Beanie/Second Hand, Stockings/H&M

Very simple today! I think you don't necessarily need a lot of accessories.. My neon orange beanie is enough!

Instagram it this week.

1) Power Breakfast, 2) DIYed boot, 3) Rainy view from my old appartament, 4) Laura coming by for some thursday breakfast! 5) Heart-shaped pancakes, 6) Only lipstick day makeup!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Teddy Love.

I need to get my hands on some teddy bear fabric!! Comfy warm furry things for winter mmmm...

White lace and DIY boots.

Denim Vest/DIY, Lace Dress/H&M, Bag/H&M, Hat/H&M, Boots/Vagabond+DIY

Something old, something new...

Today I'm trying something new: Videoblogging! :) I just HAD to make a video when I found this greater than great radiostation... It plays arabic, african, brazilian, well ALL kind of traditional music! It makes me completely calm and focused on other stuff, than the music. It's a very inspiring background tune :)

Following, some pics from the new appartament :) For the first time in my life, I can feel a super positive aura... I think auras are formed mostly on who and what kind of people have been living in the flat before. This flat is rented to us by a model from Stockholm, who regularly goes to New York for a longer period of time to work, and who now currently is in Burkina Faso (her family lives there) and who is a passionate documentary-filmer. One of the documentaries that she has made is Taxi Sister, in which she follows a female taxidriver in Senegal on her daily routines and the daily difficulties she is confronted with only because of her gender. See the trailer here.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Jeans/Vintage, Shirt/Zara, Necklace/DIY, Shoes/Vagabond

Moved to a new flat today, yay! The floor is absolutely amaaaazing (I know it's weird someone can be that hyped about a floor....) I'll take some pictures tomorrow! :) Now I need to catch some Z's! xxx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

DIY Chain Boots.

Super easy way to pimp up your old boots! All you need is different kinds of chains, pliers and I also used a keychain ring to keep them in place. To attach the chains to eachother i used small golden rings that are easy to open and close. You can also use leather or any other material to embellish your boots, just use your imagination!

Smooooth Clothing.

After labels like Black Milk Clothing, We Are Handsome and maaany more brands embracing the "print-fever", I was suggested to check out this Barcelona brand Smooooth (yes with 4 o's) Clothing.
Not to talk about the freshness of the prints, I also get a feeling of lightness and humor, that is missing in so many brands nowadays!! Fashion shouldn't always be so serious ;) In these pieces you can smell the Barcelona sun even if you are hundreds of miles away!

 The sweats, leggings and tees are all 100% soft cotton and handmade! So the prices are MORE than right. Need to order myself one asap.

Check out their webshop here

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Saturday, 24 November 2012

"The Designer"

Space leggings/Gina Tricot, Furry Sweater/Vintage

Playing around in the studio :)

Photo by: Rikard Lilja

Friday, 23 November 2012

Barcelona Instaweek!

Some pics from my week in Barcelona in Instagram:

1) Ready for a casting, 2) The suuuper cool Ingesba Showroom, 3) Beautiful French model Stephania with her GORGEOUS jacket, 4) Javier with our new-found squirrel at Encants Market, 5) Last day touristing at the labyrinth park 6) New stockings!

Monday, 19 November 2012

New In.

A few things I got here in Barcelona! A denim shirt and a paisley shirt, a handbag, faux-leather panel leggings, two lace dresses from H&M (white and black, I´ll make a separate post on them as soon as I´m back in Stockholm!) and then of course my Margiela for H&M cashmere turtleneck. Today I´m hitting the vintageshops hoping to find some cool-weird stuff! :P

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Laid Back Margiela.

Trackpants/H&M, Turtleneck/MMM for H&M, Platforms/Vagabond, Hat/H&M, Jewellery/asos,bimba y lola and Mango. 

My look yesterday! Almost top to toe H&M hahaha...

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bcn so far!

It felt so great to Wake up in Barcelona today after a nightmare trip thanks to the spanish general strike.. I went to MMM for H&M and picked up a few things for me and estela, tonight we're Going to our favourite Mexican place for dinner and drinks!! I had completely forgot how laid back this city is...Love It!


Big bag or tiny girl?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Instagram It.

1/My new earring, 2/Emily and Julie on Emily's birthday!, 3/Rikard sleeping, 4/Details, 5/Nordic Wardrobe at Korjaamo, 6/Travel outfit.

Instagram: martinamartiala

Monday, 12 November 2012

DIY Winter Coat.

Here's a DIY I made for the Matkus Shopping Center blog I'm hosting! I decided to use an old knitted sweater i loved and used a lot but that now didn't fit my style anymore, but you can basicly use any kind of fabric!From old socks, hats, scarves... The cool contrast comes from using a knitted fabric, to complement the shiny jacket., 350€

my version, jacket from H&M 35€

See the whole post (in finnish unfortunately) here.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Style Icon: Rita Ora

I just NOW discovered what singer Rita Ora looks like!! I love her fun, witty and super cool way of dressing, I'm definetely going to spend tonight browsing her pics on the internet for inspiration! She is so pretty and so brave with accessories too, something I want to be better at.

Plus, I also found a picture of her that is very similar of a picture I have of myself... that must be a good sign ;) haha!

Friday, 9 November 2012


Found myself a lookalike today! My boyfriend found this girl in some fashion ediotrial and it's like the first girl I've ever seen who looks so alike me!! Scary and fun at the same time!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Plan B.

Barcelona 2011

So.... Missed my flight to Barcelona last nigth. I did so not expect it to happen, I thought I was there in time and all... Only thing I could do was brake down and cry! I was supposed to be there now sipping red wine with Estela... The bus drivers felt sorry for me so they let me on the bus back to Stockholm for free and there were not even supposed to be any passengers on that ride the busdriver was just going home! :D

I stayed up late booking new flights so I'm leaving the day after my important doctors appointment in Finland next monday! Can't win every time can you?

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Dark Side.

Studded Cap/, Star Wars tee/Ebay, Pleather Skirt/, Shoes/Vagabond, Rings/

Flying to Barcelona today!!!Woop woop! Can't wait to see everyone and have goooood red wine and shop for fabrics and party a bit! Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to update my blog but I promise a hella lot of pictures when I come back! xx
What do you think of my new childrens Star Wars tee by the way? :P

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Tartan Jungle.

Metallic Belt/, Kilt/Second Hand, Coat/Benetton, 1st Checked Shirt/Second Hand, 2nd Checked Shirt/Boyfriend's Closet(Gant)

Got soooo inspired by this kilt I found for 3(!!!)€ in a second hand shop in Finland! I wanted to take inspiration from Dries van Notens patternlayering, but still keep it my way. The metal belt with studs definetely made it more my style!


Even if I feel the trackpant trend is over,  I couldn't help but click in on a closer view on these trackpants from They look perfect for winter, I especially like the cool pattern of pant nr.1(besides they look sooo soft and warm) and the quilted pant nr.2!

Stockholm Summer.

Another one from the archives that I got to see only yesterday! We found an abandoned empty pool in Stockholm this summer and decided to try it for some Lords of Dogtown-ish pictures! This pic makes me want to start to wear only eyeliner again, mascara is overrated! Allthough in this pic I was tanned, now I'm white as a sheet. Might not give the same effect...

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Oldie but goldie!

Me in Stockholm. Pic by my dearest Joe.  ♥

Just found this old picture.. It's snapped by one of the most important people in the whole world for me. Dear Joey! He recently moved to Hong Kong, miss him so much!! Gotta go visit before my move to Tokyo. Check out more of his works here.

me, Joey and my sis!

Good old times! He just poured a screwdriver in my lap.


In the car on our way home from Kuopio.

We're shooting in Stockholm this weekend and on monday I'm flying to Barcelona, my old hometown! I've missed the lifestyle, people and energy that the city gives SO much, I can't wait to go back!!It's such a beautiful city and I have many of the dearest people in my life living there that I haven't seen for over a year. I'm going to hug them each for an hour! Again, can't wait!!!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Sequin Pants.

I got these sequin pants secondhand shopping this week and decided to wear them with my DIYed fake fur power shoulder jacket for a Michael Jackson inspired look! The occasion was the VIP-opening party for the brand new shopping center in Kuopio, Finland, for which I have done the fashion part of their exclusive customer magazine. We had lots of wine and browsed through the shops, and the next day I was personal shopping and styling three winners with clothes from several shops! Such exhausting two days, tonight I'll finally be back in Stockholm and tomorrow I'm styling a shoot I've been planning for soooo long! Can't wait!

Fake Fur Jacket/DIY, Pearl and Chain Necklace/DIY, T-shirt/H&M