Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Dear readers,

I know thanks to the statistics of Google Analytics that there are surprisingly many out there reading and following my silly blog.

You all just seem veeeeery quiet and shy in commenting and telling me what you think! :D or maybe it´s just me not asking enough questions :P

Anyway, I decided to "heat" things up a bit with a giveaway!

All you need to do is tell me WHICH of these two VAARA Clothing rings you would like, and why YOU should be the one recieving it in the mail!

Oh, and you can choose between these two rings, or a new SURPRISE ring ( i can only tell you it includes feathers ^^ )

well? what are you waiting for? go on, make your best at making me believe YOU should be the owner of one of the rings! don´t forget to include your email-address.
I´ll decide a winner on the 13th of March!


  1. Hey cool competition! I would definitely want the bow-ring or the surprise feather ting (sounds so cool;), coz I'm a ring girl all the way so you would get good publicity with me ;) hihii! <3

    xx Julie

  2. Ovviamente partcipo ;)
    E vorrei la sorpresa...mi fido dell'artista! <3

  3. whooo, i love rings and i would love the bow ring because i havent bought accessories in a long time and my jewelery box need a bit of a spice up! x andi @

  4. I'm from Barcelona as well! This is the best reason I can think of why I should win :)

    I love rings, I love feathers and I love surprises so I think I choose the surprise feather ring.


  5. I should be the owner of one of the rings because I believe fashion is all about originality. And those rings just scream originality,style and class fit for a person just like me :)