Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunday: sun, shopping, barbeque!

Today it has been TOO hot, now I´m finally at home after work relaxing on my bed with the windows open! Summer came so quickly!

Tomorrow morning I´m going to the biggest and coolest second hand market EVER, it has approximately 750 sellers and i hope i´m gonna find loads of nice vintage items!! :)

I need some shoes and a nice clutch, and a blazer to crop and..and...and! :D let´s see what I can find!wohoo can´t wait!(I was thinking of making a small vintage web-market, i have to get rid of some stuff I don´t use... )

After that we´re going to Biella, a city 1 hour from Torino, where we´re gonna have a barbeque and enjoy the sun and the guys are gonna skate!

have a lovely saturday night everyone <3

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