Friday, 20 May 2011

My version of the denim shirt!

SO EASY to sew come on guys get to work and don´t forget to show me pics of your versions! :)

1. Unstitch the side seams of the back carefully. Usually denim shirts have 2 or even 3 seams, so it may take a while to unstitch the whole thing! While you unstitch, observe how the piece has been sewn on, this way you can attach your new back piece on the same way!my denim shirt had an upper back piece that i decided to leave on.

2.Pin the original backpiece on top of the fabric you selected. Remember to leave 1,5-2cm allowance at the edge of the back piece so you can make a clean finish. The rest of the piece you can cut without allowance.

3.Pin the new back piece together with the denim shirt, be extra careful when you attach it to the sleeve.

4.If you want to keep a raw edge on the new back piece leave it like that, if you want a clean finish sew the 2cm allowance,then iron the seams and voilá! You´re done! :)

I wanted to add pics aswell to this small fast tutorial, but i´m always so eager to finish what i´m working on that I forget to take photos after the first step haha!

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  1. super excited to see the instructions. i absolutely love DIY projects like this! you look fabulous in this!!