Saturday, 8 September 2012

Neon Yellow DIY Crochet Necklace

Please ignore my tired face, i've been wearing only lipstick today!

This DIY is so easy and fast to do, even if you're not very familiar with crochet! 
The two things you need are a thick crochet hook and this jersey fabric thread. At least in Finland you can find them in all fabric stores, they cut their leftover fabrics and make thick thread out of it. Great way to use spare pieces of fabric!

 Make the starting knot by making a loop. Leave a 10cm piece of thread for the closure at the end.


 Pull through the thread .
 Then slide it on the crochet hook.
This is the basic position of thread and hands.
Once you've got this, you do great! The thread on the thumb should be the longer thread.
With the hook, bring through the left side thread through the first hoop on your crochet hook.

Continue bringing the thread through and pulling it, then back to the basic position. You will see a thread chain growing.
When you've got the length you wanted, it's time to make the second layer of chains. This you do by going through the hoops you've just created.
Put the hook through the first hoop, and pull trhough the thread.

Continue through all the hoops, then repeat for a third layer if you like a wider necklace.   

 Done! Leave another 10cm of thread at the end so you can use them to tie a bow for closure in the back.

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  1. This is so cool!! i wanna do it too! I am not good at knitting at all i think that will take me hours! haha anyway i think you did a very great job! cool blog too! i will surely check out your blog again!