Thursday, 29 November 2012

Something old, something new...

Today I'm trying something new: Videoblogging! :) I just HAD to make a video when I found this greater than great radiostation... It plays arabic, african, brazilian, well ALL kind of traditional music! It makes me completely calm and focused on other stuff, than the music. It's a very inspiring background tune :)

Following, some pics from the new appartament :) For the first time in my life, I can feel a super positive aura... I think auras are formed mostly on who and what kind of people have been living in the flat before. This flat is rented to us by a model from Stockholm, who regularly goes to New York for a longer period of time to work, and who now currently is in Burkina Faso (her family lives there) and who is a passionate documentary-filmer. One of the documentaries that she has made is Taxi Sister, in which she follows a female taxidriver in Senegal on her daily routines and the daily difficulties she is confronted with only because of her gender. See the trailer here.


  1. Wow! Looking good. Thanks for inspo. I just can't wait to get a place for my own after finish high school:) Have a nice day. xx

    1. Just hang tight and it will all be worth the wait I promise!! :)