Wednesday, 19 December 2012

DIY Sleeveless Shirt.

I have this checked shirt in my closet that I had bought for really cheap somewhere and I have only used it once, but it is sooo soft and comfy I wanted to alternate it a bit and make it more interesting so I could use it more.

This 5-minute DIY works perfectly on any type of shirt that is cotton and not stretchy (if it has nylon or spandex in it the ripping will not end up like this.

I cut off the sleeves with scissors, and carefully started pulling out the threads. Depending on what kind of end result you want (clean or more grungy) you can decide if you want to pull out the threads or if you want to leave the sleeve like it is after being cut.

I added some golden studs to it and voilá! Ready. I'll post a whole outfit with the shirt later on today!


  1. woww you are a genius!!
    please could you tell me where do you buy the gols studs?i need them..the same ones!thanks

    1. Hi! :)
      I bought them online from a finnish webstore! They have loads of different shapes and sizes it's great!