Thursday, 14 February 2013

Downtown Hong Kong.

Silk shirt/Zara, Hat/Vintage, Shoes/Vagabond, Skirt/Romwe,Bag/Mango

Today we've been to the Mongkok area, that has markets, thousands of shops and Sneakers Street, a street as the name reveals: filled with sneaker stores! The streets we're crazy crowded and we still managed to snap a picture of what I wore today, as you can see it didn't pass unnoticed though haha! Four years of blogging and I still get really embarrassed when taking pictures but hell, I'll never see these people again! ;) Loving this city so much, everyone should definately visit Hong Kong if you get the chance! Now we're going for a seafood dinner! YUM!
My boys touristing!

  Crazy umbrellas? I'm kind of tempted to try if they would pass through the security check at the airport!


  1. very nice!

  2. I found you on lookbook and I think you're gorgeous! Love your style, photos and blog so I had to follow :)

  3. nice pics and skirt!