Thursday, 7 February 2013

6 Looks and New In.

Six of my latest looks! Right now I feel the most like the look nr.5. Do you have a favourite?

So, last saturday was my last in Finland, we went out and had soooo much fun, but then... I've been sick with fever in bed for 3 days. 
And I haven't even been able to open my computer from how sick I have been!! Here's a sneek peak on some last sale-shopping I did right before I partied in the cold Finnish winter and got sick :P Can't wait to wear my new shoes in the Hong Kong warm weather!!

Studded shoes/Urban Outfitters, Silk Shirt with Airballoons/Zara, Pleated Gold skirt/Rosebullet


  1. kaikki asut ihania mutta toi viiminen on kyllä aivan ihanan pirtee!

    1. Voi kiitos! Suomalaiseen talveen tarvitaankin tosi paljon pirteyttä että selvitään hengissä! :D