Thursday, 7 February 2013

Natural Skincare.

In winter, my typical Finnish skin starts looking tired, grey, and dry. Might be because we sometimes have -20degrees here in wintertime, might be because a a quite normal skintype here is very delicate and thin.

For about a month now, I've been trying an all-natural skincare method. Instantly, after the first day I felt my skin was softer, more flexible and the colour was healthy and vivid!

My daily routine include:

Wash with a splash of water, then pad on some rosewater. Moisturize with olive oil.

I gently take off all makeup with avokado oil, and remove the access dirt with cottonpads.
I then use a tiny drop of olive oil for moisturizing.

A couple of times a week:
Ecological honey. A teaspoon is enough, gently scrubbing the face and then wash off with water. You can add a bit of sugar and a drop of lemon if you want to make it a peeling mask!

All these products are completely natural and organic, you can find most of them in normal supermarkets, and what's best: they are cheap (!) and FILLED with vitamins and stuff our skin so desperately needs! 100% pure, clean and good for you.

Avocado oil and Rosewater

Even e greasy skin that easily gets spots can get better with oils. Why? Grease and fat disolves fat.
The key is finding the oil that works just for your skin, as there are semi-fat oils and fat oils.
 Right now, since it's winter I'm using a really fat oil, the Olive oil one. Easy, because I also use it for cooking, so I just filled a plastic cosmetic-container with it to keep in my bathroom.

Semi-fat oils include jojoba or almond oil. Remember to not use oils with ingredients to which you are allergic to! And greasier skintypes, use apple vinegar mixed with water as a tonic for the face!

Slices of cucumber or Camomille teabags that have been in the fridge for a while are GREAT for puffy eyes and dark circles.

Hope you got some good tips! It really helped my skin so I hope it does the same for you.

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