Monday, 8 October 2012

Long Bob.

When I was living in Barcelona, I modelled for different hair-product brands such as Wella and L'oreal. After two years and a LOT of different hairstyles I got so tired of people deciding about my hair I started saying no to jobs and just letting it grow. No colours, no cuts, I just let it grow. Now, 2 years later, the only time I coloured my hair was when I made it super red, and then let it slowly faint into a straberry blonde and then back to my orginal colour. It's so long now, and I'm SO sick of it.

Thus, time for a change! I fell in love with these two girls I found randomly on the internet, so I might be going towards a long bob with my hair aswell. I just need to figure out something extra to it, like a nice colour or something special, to not make it so classic. The "Outgrown red" is just gorgeous!

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