Sunday, 14 April 2013

This and That.

Zara top / Mango shirt, $14 / CatWorld / Stretch pants / Lacing shoes / H&M platform shoes, $23 / RetroSuperFuture petite sunglasses, $180 / Miss Selfridge felted hat / Topshop plastic sunglasses / Miss Selfridge felted hat

Back in Tokyo! Today's outfit feels so summery again, love this weather! As we don't feel to comfortable being in the city with a nuclear bomb-threat going on from North Korea, we decided to leave for a relaxing road trip to the northern part of Japan tomorrow! Looking forward to the spas, hotel beds and looong breakfasts... 

Tokiossa taas! Tässä päivän look, ihanaa olla taas lämmössä! Koska Pohjois Korea uhkaa lähettää tänne ydinpommin huomenna me lähdemme hetkeksi pois kaupungista road tripille maan pohjoiseen osaan. Odotan innolla hot springs-uimaloita, hotellisänkyjä ja pitkiä aamiaisia...


  1. Love your outfit!
    The trousers look great :)

  2. You have a knack for putting together chic outfits!! Great look!

  3. You are really fine in this casual look!