Sunday, 6 January 2013

Late Night Meal.

After stuffing myself with turkey and ham the whole Christmas, I am definately having a vegetarian month in January. Well, almost vegetarian since my boyfriend sometimes craves the lasagne I make or an occasional bacon&eggs sunday breakfast ;)

I've been home alone tonight, so I took all the time in the world to carefully select groceries at the store, and making a long-cooking delicious vegetarian soup! And, incredibly I'm also posting about it here :D Haven't done food-posts before so please tell me what you think!!

You need:
Cherry Tomatoes
Jar of ecological Peeled or Crushed tomatoes
Yellow Onion
Basil, Sugar, Thyme, Blackpepper
Olive oil
Vegetable Broth
Chevré or Feta Cheese

Roast the cherry tomatoes with some garlic and olive oil in the oven for about 10 minutes. It gives the soup a more deep flavour! Take the chopped onion and fry it in olive oil, thyme and basil until it softens. If you fry the seasoning with the garlic, it gives a strong flavour to the soup! Throw in the cherry tomatoes, the peeled tomatoes, a cup of water (and a dash of white wine if you happen to have it at home), a spoon of sugar and some vegeatble broth. You can also add some chopped garlic. Let it boil softly for 20-30minutes. Then mix the soup with a blender, add some cream and let it boil for another 5minutes. Garnish with more basil and thyme, Chevré Cheese and serve with bread! YUM!!

I also made some homemade croissants with cheese to follow (and some with chocolate for dessert!)


  1. love it...perfect dinner for a chilly night, can't wait to try!

    PS amazing instructions, your a natural!

    1. So happy to hear!!:) hope You enjoy It as Much as i Did!